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“I never thought I’d live beyond 25. Here I am at 60!”

Chapter 01
How it started!
It all started when I was just 27 - severe stomach aches followed by diarrhea. The first diagnosis was appendicitis. But I decided on a second opinion and I’m glad I did! I had never heard of Crohn’s and it was something I’d have to now live with for the rest of my life; which according to the doctors would not be more than 5 more years. I was looking at a super-low quality of life and an early death at barely 32! I was unable to wrap my head around the fight that stood before me and felt completely unequipped to tackle it.
Chapter Two
Keep moving forward!
Initially, I felt despair and absolute dejection, because the disease would rear its head without any rhyme or reason and at any time. But then I found a doctor who believed we could fight to at least have quality of life no matter how much. With a lot of trial and error and some very tense nights at the ER, I can now say, I’m glad I fought it. I have lived a full and satisfying life but this is not to say that I have retained my swinging 20’s lifestyle and have come out on top. There is set cause for this disease, at least it hasn’t been found yet. All you can do is have a positive outlook and absolute discipline.
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