Here Is How To Choose The Best Dog Food

Furry friends bring happiness in our lives. From being your companion on lonely days to affectionately awaiting your cuddles, dogs amazingly fill your home immense love. While they give so much to you, it goes without saying that you want the best for them. One of the pivotal ways to care for your dogs is by determining what is the best food for them. A large part of your dog’s health is driven by the food they eat and with an array of options available, how do you choose the best?

Choosing the right well-balanced dog food can be big struggle. This is especially true as the market is filled with a slew of brands that promise you the best. Moreover, you must wade through the dog brands that are healthy, appealing to your pet and yes, affordable. Good types of dog foods should complement your dog’s digestive system and fill give it plenty of energy to stay active through the day. How easy would it be if all dog food created was equal and could fed to every dog? However, this isn’t the case and instead there are overwhelming options. Well, you may have spent days and months searching for the ‘perfect’ dog food, but not anymore. Following certain steps and keeping some points in mind will help you make the best pick.

The physical characteristics of your dog – You may have heard this before, ‘Not all dogs have the same requirement’. Irrespective of whether you have two dogs or one, you must consider the different characteristics. When choosing the best dog food for your dog, note the physical health of your dog and its daily activity. Puppies’ food or that of lactating mothers should contain high amount of calories. On the other hand, senior pets should be fed lesser calories. The commercial brands do offer nutritional requirement and the food offered to them should meet their needs. Dogs too can be susceptible to suffering from obesity, and thus, the best dog food for small dogs will not be the best for your senior, less-active dog.

Check the ingredients – You do read the labels on food packets when choosing food packets for yourself or family and should continue the same practice for dog food. It is preferable that the first ingredient contains meat or a meat meal. Meat comprises of several animal tissues, fat and more. Dogs are omnivorous and unless allergic or under other circumstances they should not be fed a vegetarian diet.

Know about grain-free dog food – Several dog owners have gone on to opt for grain-free dog food for their canines. However, grains are not bad for your furry friend unless you suspect an allergy. If your dog is intolerant towards grains, there may be signs seen in the form of vomiting, licking of paws and excessive scratching. However, you should visit the vet and confirm if the allergy is caused by grains or other ingredients in the food.

Pick the appropriate brand – Brands may promise to deliver the best premium dog food, but it helps to conduct some research. You must carefully make sure that the quality control is place and the ingredients are appropriately sourced, even if it a top-rated dog food brand.

Misinformation about dog food

There is an ocean of information that is out there to guide you about the best foods for your canine. However, even well-meaning individuals may not always make the right claims. Thus, checking the sources of information will keep your dog away from any negative food effects. Sources like veterinarian or scientific study will help you clear doubts if your hold any.

Dog food for canines with special needs
Like people, even dogs can have special dietary requirements. Certain issues such as allergies or sensitive stomachs can lead to dietary restrictions. Foods such as grain, dairy and more cause more damage to the digestive system of the dog. Thus, you must take precautions before going ahead with serving your dog normal food. It is best to consult the veterinarian for advice as they will be able to give you a list of foods that will support your dog’s condition.

Should your buy dry dog food?

Today, growing number of dog owners are opting for dry dog food as it is available in a number of brands and can be conveniently stored. Dry dog food does not require refrigeration as it is primarily made from dry matter. A major advantage of dry dog food is that it is easy on the digestive system of your canine. Dry dog food can be picked based on your furry friend’s nutritional needs. The top 10 dry dog food brands include Natural balance, Nature’s Variety, Earthborn Holistic, Nutro, Addiction, and Horizon Complete.