6 Sensitive Skin Care Routine Tips For Toddlers

October 26, 2018

6 sensitive skin care routine tips for toddlers
Skin care for babies is one of the more challenging and responsible tasks. Unlike adults, a baby’s skin is extra sensitive and more prone to developing rashes or skin irritation because of improper or excessive use of products. It is one of the main reasons why you must use only the all-natural skin care products to maintain an effective sensitive skin routine for your child.

The market is booming with natural baby care products, and it can get quite confusing for you to find what you are looking for from baby powder to diapers and clothing materials to washing detergents. Research is key when it comes to buying baby skin care products, and it is imperative to take the time to read labels, product descriptions, and reviews about the product you decide to use.

Everyday habits and practices also influence sensitive skin routine. The following tips will help you take the necessary steps for the effective care of your baby’s skin.

Bathing frequency
Frequent cleansing can rid the skin of moisture and natural oils early and result in dry skin. A dry skin can aggravate the symptoms of skin rashes and bumps. It is not necessary to bathe a newborn every day as their skin is sensitive and repeated exposure to water can affect the epidermis during the vital growing years. However, if you plan on bathing the baby daily, only use ultra-mild soaps and skin care products to ensure there is no adverse reaction from their usage.

Using powder
Talcum powder for the baby is one of the must-have skin care products. However, repeated use of talcum powder can dry out the skin to cause rash and irritation. Newborn babies have soft skin, and it is advisable to not use products that have artificial fragrance and chemicals. You must find products that feature all-natural ingredients and avoid talcums that are grainy or have a coarser application. Extra care and attention must be paid to the babies diaper area as it is one of the most common places to develop a rash.

Changing diapers
Babies have a sensitive skin and even diapers can cause a rash and breakouts. Preventive measures are important when it comes to ensuring care for sensitive skin as well as important to avoid the risk of an infection. You can compare products online and read customer reviews to find out which are the suitable diaper brands for toddlers. For sensitive skin, in particular, you must select diapers that are absorbent and soft. It is also a good idea to change diapers immediately after the baby has soiled it to avoid an infection and skin irritation.

Babies can develop a skin rash or irritation caused by the fabric of the clothing they are wearing. Prickly heat rashes are a common skin irritation and mostly caused because of the accumulation of sweat in certain types of fabric. Avoid the use of such fabrics, including polyester or synthetic clothes, that can cause abrasion of the skin. Consult with a doctor in case the symptoms persist.

Washing detergents
You must wash new clothes and garments that the baby will be wearing regularly with a mild detergent and preferably with the ones that are unscented. Unscented detergents or soaps are loaded with chemicals to bring out the desired effect. Avoid the use of such products and buy detergents that are made using natural ingredients and a mild formula to keep the fabric soft and irritant-free making it safe for your child.

Dry skin is the main culprit that can derail a well-planned sensitive skin routine for your baby’s health. It is advisable to use a homemade moisturizer to ensure the skin stays hydrated. Natural alternatives are also available in the market.

Above all, it is important to maintain good hygiene at all times to ensure your baby is healthy and laughing.