6 Reasons To Try Facial Yoga This Year

October 26, 2018

6 reasons to try facial yoga this year

Stress and tension that buildup in the facial muscles due to lack of exercise or movements can make the face look tired and older. Stress directly increases the chances of premature aging that reflects clearly on the face. The face also becomes dull, droopy, and weary as a result of constant exposure to the elements that cause the skin to lose its charm and color.

Facial yoga includes a combination of simple exercises and movements that can be done at home. The facial exercises help radiate confidence and maintain composure to handle the stress and fight the signs of aging more effectively.

Here are six reasons why you should take up facial yoga this year.

Free of cost
Facial yoga will cost you nothing as the exercises do not require the use of any fancy equipment or expensive supplements. It is a great way to stop spending hundreds of dollars on those overpriced over-the-counter facial creams or frequent consultations with a beauty expert. All you have to do is take the time out to do a combination of simple exercises for a few minutes daily. The results will vary depending on the skin type, face structure, and your perseverance towards getting that glowing skin and well-toned face. The next time you smile, people will also notice the transformation that was a result of simple facial yoga exercises.

A healthy option
Facial creams and skin supplements are loaded with chemicals including paraffin, mineral oil, heavy fragrances, and other ingredients that are necessary for the cream to counter the effects of aging and stress on the skin. Popular treatments like botox injections given to tighten and lift facial muscles are also toxic and can result in long-term harm or even permanent damage to the facial structure. Facial yoga is the simple answer to unhealthy ways of treating the skin or face to bring back the young glow that you have been looking forward to all this time. The exercises also help promote collagen production that contributes to skin health. Collagen is the main structural protein that helps maintain skin and other connective tissue structure in the body.

Slows the aging process
Facial movements like smiling, frowning, and squinting will all create wrinkles over time without you even noticing the same. The movements are made multiple times throughout the day and most of the time done subconsciously. Facial yoga exercises can help reverse the effects of these movements when done regularly to delay the aging process. Note that the results will vary on account of many factors like the skin type, age, and exposure to elements outside of your home.

Releases tension
The face and neck muscles are severely affected due to stress and tension. There are many factors that contribute to tension build up, however, often it is challenging to isolate the triggers and keep them at bay. Facial yoga features a combination of movements that release the tension from the muscles to make them more flexible to maintain the facial structure. The exercises are designed to alleviate the tightness around vital muscles.

Tones neck and face muscles
Facial yoga helps tone and tighten the muscles to stimulate the youthful look. The exercises also help draw in more blood and oxygen due to improved circulation by alleviating the tension from the muscles. The fresh supply rejuvenates the skin and brings back the glow in the skin gradually. A tight but relaxed look is better than botox that results in nothing more than a rigid look and unappealing facial posture.

Eliminates double chin
With increasing age, the skin around the chin and neck areas start sagging, thus creating the appearance of a double chin. Having a double chin ruins the facial appearance, which is why regular exercise is necessary to tone the muscle and tighten the skin around naturally with simple facial yoga exercises.