5 Essentials To Add To Your Everyday Hair Care Routine

October 18, 2018

5 essentials to add to your everyday hair care routine
Cannot get enough of your long tresses? Well, most women love to flaunt their long and healthy mane. From styling it in a bun to just letting it down loose, long hair looks extremely beautiful. However, if you are a modern world woman, maintaining these long tresses can be a major chore that can hit miss. You may be pulled in a million directions, meet assignment deadlines every day, and juggle work plus home only to take a back seat on self-care. In the everyday push and pull of a hectic lifestyle, the hair suffers the heaviest brunt. The simple hair wash with a shampoo and conditioner followed by a blow-drying session can take a toll on your long locks. It is time to schedule a strict everyday hair care routine.

Healthy and long hair is a result of great daily care. A little dedication can bring your tresses to life while making them feel the best. Here are five essentials you should add to your everyday hair care routine.

Gently brush from the bottom
The first step in the everyday hair care routine is gentle brushing to detangle any knots that may have developed. Ensure that you brush the hair from the bottom with a hairbrush that is soft. The hair must be detangled in sections to avoid any damage or breakage.

Hot oil treatment
There is no better hair care secret than the use of a nourishing hot hair oil treatment. Using a natural oil such as that of coconut or almonds replenishes the hair of lost moisture. It also boosts blood circulation in the scalp and delivers rich nutrients essential to maintain the health of the mane. A combination of natural oils can be used and the same must be spread from scalp to tips. Massage the oil gently into different sections of the hair while specifically focusing on the problematic ends of the strands. Finish off the oil massage by tying up your hair in a loose bun and letting it stay for at least an hour before washing.

Washing the right way
The manner in which you wash your hair plays a major role in maintaining the health of your beautiful hair. The busy lifestyle may push most of us to just get done with the wash without paying too much attention to the gentle cleansing process. You may also just wash your hair once when in the shower. However, the washing process calls for two rounds to thoroughly get rid of the grime and oil is necessary. In the first round, use a shampoo to thoroughly wash off the dirt, followed by the next round to get the best effects of the shampoo and follow it up with a dose of conditioner to restore the moisture. The hair products should ideally include natural ingredients like argan oil and coconut extracts as they do extremely well for your tresses.

Natural hair drying and styling
While you may be tempted to have your hair blow-dried every day, it must be eliminated from the daily hair care routine. The hair endures so much from the day in the form of pollutants, it is best to leave the strands to recuperate routinely. As much as possible, let the hair air dry and give heated styling products a miss. Also, avoid constant tying of the hair or pulling it into a tight bun as it can cause the strands to loosen from the shaft.

Wear hats and scarfs
Exposing your hair too often to the sun rays can do more damage than you can imagine. It oxidizes the hair and leads it to dry out. A good way to go is by using a hat or scarf and make it a part of your hair care routine. While these accessories protect your face from the harsh rays of the sun, they work at preventing the scalp from burning and getting dehydrated.