4 Popular Dna Test Kits

Since its completion in 2000, The Human Genome Project has left us with vast information about the human genetics. It has offered us evidence with regards to gene variations that can discover ancestries and influence an individual health on a comprehensive scale. With the help of this material, a few known companies have introduced DNA test kits that can help you explore all or some parts of your genetic blueprint. These insights can allow you to know more about your roots and health.

DNA testing kits come across as a life-altering product, however, many times the results offered by it can be distorted and factually incorrect. This is because DNA solely doesn’t dominate a person’s genetic makeup. For instance, certain genetic mutations may magnify the risk of cancer, but factors like lifestyle and environmental exposure are equally responsible for its onset.

Moreover, there is a risk concerning your privacy, i.e., these companies have the privilege to sell your genetic data to third parties. So, there is no definite way to anticipate how such activities could affect you in the future.

How do DNA test kits work?
The DNA test kits offered by all companies have a similar procedure. You begin by answering some personal questions and then order the kit. Consequently, you are supposed to provide your saliva sample, register the kit, and send it back to the company for results. However, every company might have their own set of terms and conditions. Their features, collection process, and shipping expenses could vary. Moreover, the kind of services a company offers depends on every state’s laws. Therefore, before you purchase a DNA test kit, ensure that you check all the laws enforced in your state.

Popular DNA test kits
If you are planning to invest in DNA test kits, here are some popular companies that you can consider buying from. To make the best pick, contemplate over what you are looking for (ancestral or medical information), features offered of the kit and budget.

  • 23andMe
    This is one of the few companies that provides both, ancestral and health-related data. However, the DNA test kits for both the concerns are sold separately. Furthermore, 23andMe’s DNA testing is the only DNA testing service authorized by the FDA for the disclosure of health risks. The reports derived from 23andMe kits cover a wide variety of information pertaining to the racial or ethnic background of your ancestors to the probability of you enjoying certain types of foods. Currently, its DNA test kits are priced around $99. If you are interested in getting your ancestral and health analysis, then you can buy it at $199 approximately.
  • AncestryDNA
    If you are specifically inquisitive about your roots, then you can try the DNA test kits by AncestryDNA. Many users have found the familial information offered by this service to be accurate. The company also offers something known as migration stories which explain where and when your ancestors moved to America. Moreover, if you are fortunate, you can even get in touch with a few of your living relatives with the help of AncestryDNA’s records. However, to access additional services, you will have to incur some extra expenses. One glitch with AncestryDNA’s genetic tracking system is that it might have inadequate or no data associated with a certain subset of ethnicities. DNA test kit from AncestryDNA costs around $99.
  • National Geographic Geno 2.0 Next Generation
    Like, AncestryDNA, National Geographic Geno 2.0 Next Generation is a well-known DNA test kit for tracing one’s origin. However, unlike other services which report specifications about your recent heritage, Geno 2.0 digs deeper. Its reports can link your genetic blueprint to ancestors reaching back up to 100,000 years. This DNA test kit can offer some interesting insight if you are researching for a historical ancestral angle. As opposed to other DNA test kits, it uses different testing procedures. Additionally, its testing procedure has certain limitations with regards to female clients, i.e., for women they can only locate the maternal heritage as they carry the same chromosomes (XX). National Geographic Geno 2.0 Next Generation costs around $199.
  • ORIG3N – Nutrition
    Of lately, if you have been concerned about your health, especially your diet, then ORIG3N DNA test kit for Nutrition can prove to be of great help. It identifies particular genetic traits that make you more likely to develop some food allergies, digestive, nutrient absorption, and other diet concerns. It can reveal tons of useful information about how your body processes fats and regulates cholesterol levels. Moreover, it can also inform, if you are prone to health problems like obesity or nutritional deficiencies. However, the report derived from this DNA test kit might not be as comprehensive as expected and can only predict and not prove any health risks. You can buy this DNA test kit at $149 approximately.

Some other DNA test kits that you can check are ORIG3N – Fitness, MyHeritage DNA, and HomeDNA.