4 Popular Celebrity Diet Fads To Avoid

January 11, 2019

4 popular celebrity diet fads to avoid

We live in an age governed by social media and these platforms are reigned over by celebrities who have attained cult status like never before. These social media platforms are a great way for celebrities to interact with their fans who in turn get a peek into interesting details of the celebrity’s personal life. People of all age groups worship these celebrities, and whatever fitness regime or fashion trend they start becomes a rage in no time and leading most to follow these fads mindlessly. However, though you feel that this exposure brings you a step closer to the celebrity you idolize, this intimacy with the star’s life can have negative impacts on one’s life.

Mimicking the outfits your favorite celebrity wears or the brands they endorse is often deemed harmless. But in addition to promoting brands and their designer labels, celebrities have taken to sharing their lifestyle details like diet plan or workouts with their fan following. Aping these leads to several complications as the ‘quick-fix’ diet fads these celebrities follow aren’t always healthy and do not work for every body type either.

Here are some of the most popular celebrity diet plans that aren’t as healthy as they are portrayed.

Raw Vegan Diet
Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Megan Fox swear by the raw vegan diet as they believe that this celebrity diet food plan is the cure to obesity and other diseases. These celebrities believe that cooking or applying heat to the food can destroy the natural enzymes in it, which is why the body has to take more strain to break down the food. Moreover, they believe that you lose precious nutrients in this process. However, contrary to what these celebrities believe, vegan isn’t always synonymous with ‘healthy.’ Consuming raw vegan food can be quite risky for certain groups like children or pregnant woman.

Alkaline Diet
This diet fad was followed by Tom Brady, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sarah ‘Fergie’ Duchess of York, and involves adding more alkaline food and less acidic foods to your diet to help change the pH balance of the blood. Doing so is believed to help in reducing health risks. However, people fail to understand that the human body is completely capable of keeping the blood within the required pH range. Though consuming alkaline-based foods won’t necessarily do any harm, you won’t be getting all the required nutrients.

The 5-2 Diet

The Queen Bee (Beyonce) endorses this diet. The 5-2 diet plan stems from the concept of intermittent fasting. This celebrity diet food plan involves eating a normal quantity for 5 days and then following a calorie intake of under 600 for the next two days. As easy as it sounds, adhering to such a low-calorie count is incredibly difficult and borders on starvation. Though this diet fad does deliver noticeable results, following it as a part of your long-term diet plan can have detrimental impacts on the body. Also, when you stop adhering to the 5-2 diet and start eating normal food, your metabolism will slow down as it was forced into starvation mode, and you’ll put on weight immediately after you stop this diet.

Meal Replacement Shakes
‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ allowed the viewers to get a generous glimpse into the lives of these celebrities. Kim Kardashian has been quite vocal about the benefits of meal replacement shakes and claims that it has helped her stay fit. However, meal replacement shakes can be used to replace a single meal throughout the day, and aren’t an actual replacement for solid food. Though these meal replacement shakes can bring about a dramatic plunge in the number of calories you consume, the weight loss wouldn’t be sustainable. Moreover, once you get back to your regular diet, you’ll have to bear the brunt of a slowed metabolism and will be more susceptible to fast weight gain.