Top 3 Questions On Prevention Of Adhd

February 20, 2018

ADHD is a condition that is primarily caused by hereditary factors, which makes it a condition that cannot be prevented by a set of measures. Even if there are no set of measures that prevent ADHA, it can always be prevented from growing to the next stage. Proper care and attention at home and school could be preliminary ways of diagnosing and preventing the condition at an early stage. Even if the child is not the best at academics or other activities, one can help them out and try to get them to their best.

Let us look at some of the questions related to the prevention of ADHD.

Does good prenatal care help in preventing ADHD?
One of the causing factors of ADHD is intake of toxic substances by the mother during pregnancy. Avoiding any such intake can work as a preventive measure toward ADHD. Following a healthy diet, being regular with the doctor’s visits, and staying fit during pregnancy can help you have a healthy child. You need to be careful as there are complications during pregnancy that are linked to ADHD.

Smoking during pregnancy is one of the major causing factors of ADHD. If the mother has smoked during pregnancy, it doubles the chances of the child developing the condition. There are some other claims that are believed to be possible connections between premature birth and ADHD. However, no studies have been able to back this claim, making it hard to believe.

Apart from smoking, exposure to lead is also considered to develop ADHD in the child. Some studies have shown that if a pregnant woman is exposed to lead during her pregnancy, then it could be a causing factor for ADHD. Lead exposure in the early parts of the child’s life can also be a causing factor for ADHD.

Bottom line, good prenatal care can be one of the ways for preventing ADHD in your child. All you need to do is follow a proper diet, stay away from toxic substances like lead, alcohol, and smoking, and lead a healthy life for the nine months of your pregnancy.

Can a healthy diet prevent ADHD?
A healthy diet is always good for any living being, especially young children. If your child follows a good healthy lifestyle from a young age, it helps them stay fit and build an immunity to diseases and conditions. Along with this, some experts believe that a change in the diet can help alter the hyperactive in children.

One of the most popular diets to lessen hyperactivity in children was developed by Ben Feingold and has been adopted by people worldwide. The diet is primarily based on elimination of food colors, artificial flavors, and preservatives. There have been many cases of improvements reported by many parents, but this diet has not been approved by the medical community.

A rise in blood sugar can result in hyperactivity due to the adrenaline rush caused by the high blood sugar. Post which there can also be a crash in the mood and level of activity as the adrenaline declines. However, there are no scientific studies that have proven a link between sugar and ADHD.

If the child is under medication for ADHD, then you must weigh out the necessity of the elimination diet as the medication can cause loss of appetite.

Can effective behavior management help in preventing ADHD?
Most therapists believe that behavior management can impact the child’s behavior and bring about positive changes in their behavior. Before you try to inflict a behavioral pattern on your children, it is important to build a strong relationship with them. The first step toward this relationship is to spend some quality time with your children. Do not confuse this time with dinners and meals, let your child pick an activity and let them enjoy themselves in your company.

Positive reinforcement is one of the most important steps of building a relationship with your child; appreciate them in the form of prizes and rewards when they do something good. This will push your child to behave well more often, but make sure you do not go overboard with the rewards. You must also keep your expectations at a reasonable level; base them on your child’s age and ability. Apart from you, your child must also have an idea of what you expect from them, this will give them a goal to work toward.

Apart from this, you must start teaching them attention skills at an early age so that they can grasp better and develop a stronger focus as compared to others.