Main Causes Of Foot Pain

February 20, 2018

Feet are one of the most pivotal parts of the human body. An intricate network of ligament, bones and more, the feet need to be strong enough to bear the weight of the body. From standing to getting you to places, this part of the body does so much more but does not receive enough care and attention. You may think much about them until you suddenly experience foot pain.

Feet are more prone to injury due to the constant pressure they are put through. Foot pain is felt through the discomfort that is experienced in many parts of the foot such as the toes, heels, sole and even the Achilles tendon at the back of the heels. Mild foot pain is common for most people and one does not have to worry about the same. On the other hand, long-term discomfort in any parts of the foot may indicate a serious condition that should be addressed in time to avoid further complications. The pain can range from mild to severe and there ways that will help in relieving the pain. However, before undertaking any treatment, it is important to understand the causes of foot pain. Here are a few causes that must be evaluated before the process of treatment begins:

  • Footwear choices
    The wrong kind of footwear can have a very bad effect on the feet and is one of the major causes of foot pain. Wearing shoes that don’t fit properly can put immense pressure on the heels and the toes. Also, regular use of high-heel shoes and prolonged wear of uncomfortable shoes can cause foot pain. Too much walking or standing on feet for longer than usual hours does cause foot pain.
  • High-impact exercise
    People who indulge in high-impact exercise at the gym or sporting exercises such as jogging, and aerobics may go through foot pain. However, these causes of foot pain are not severe unless there is a wound or muscle pull.
  • Obesity
    Obesity is a common cause of foot pain. The feet carry the weight of the body and inability to take the pressure causes swelling the nerves. Foot pain is also experienced by several women during the period of pregnancy; however, this pain is not very severe.
  • Foot deformity
    Foot deformity is a major cause of foot pain. An individual may be born with this deformity, or it can develop in the later growing years.
  • Broken bones
    Broken bones or a fracture in the foot can cause excruciating foot pain. In case of bone fracture, the feet will send out some symptoms such as swelling or redness. Not difficult to identify, this cause is not uncommon and must be treated at the earliest.
  • Heel spurs
    Another cause of foot pain are heel spurs. This is a condition that leads to the growth of bone in the heels, abnormally. It is caused due to several factors that range from the wrong walking posture, ill-fitted shoes or even hardcore running. A few people may not experience all the time. However, it is painful when walking or carrying out activities.
  • Arthritis and gout
    For individuals who suffer from arthritis and gout, foot pain is regularly caused during flare-ups. The big toe and the fingers are likely to become swollen and tender that is coupled with redness around the foot.
  • Sprains
    Sprains are caused when the there is a shift in the joints and the unnatural position leads to pain in the feet. A sprain may occur in the ligaments around the ankle and also makes it difficult for one to move. It is one of the common causes of foot pain.
  • Flat feet
    Flat feet is a condition wherein the tissues holding the foot joints are loose. This is a very common condition prevalent among kids and toddlers. It is one of the common causes of foot pain. It is one of the common causes of foot pain.
  • Corn and calluses
    Corn and calluses are thick layers of skin that develop over the feet and toes. These are caused due to friction and pressure. These hardened layers of skin cause discomfort and in turn lead to foot pain. It is one of the common causes of foot pain.

Apart from the above causes of foot pain, the issue may be triggered due to an underlying reason, and one should not delay in seeking immediate medical attention. This especially, if there are signs of swollen feet, pus formation around the fingernails, inability to walk and a wound that is not healing for a prolonged period. Mild conditions can be healed with the use of self-care tips. Also, cold therapy and adequate rest can do wonders in the case of foot pain.