How Can You Prevent Suffering From Atopic Dermatitis

For those who are not acquainted with what atopic dermatitis is, you must know that it is a severe skin condition, where your skin turns extremely dry to the point that nothing you do will be enough to get rid of the dryness. Along with the dryness, other complications of this skin condition are that your skin becomes red and swollen. You might also start getting boils on your skin, and enough emphasis cannot be put on the pain you suffer from the inflammation caused.

The worst thing about this skin condition is that it is chronic. This skin condition is prevalent in mostly in kids. Kids who develop this skin condition; many of them, suffer from the disease even after they have grown up.

A case of atopic dermatitis cannot be ignored because the skin condition sometimes becomes so worse that it starts to interfere with your daily routine. Many times, patients complain that the itchiness is so bad, that they cannot sleep peacefully at night.

So, what can you do to prevent this disease? To start with, you need to maintain your skin and make sure that you do not create a favorable situation for the disease to spread.

Here are some useful tips that will help you to prevent the skin from getting dryer and will help in alleviating the pain caused by the inflammation.

  • Moisturize and moisturize again
    Enough emphasis cannot be put on the need to keep your skin moisturized in general. If you are suffering from a case of atopic dermatitis, then moisturizing becomes even more crucial. Make sure that you apply a good moisturizing cream, an ointment or lotion to your entire body, especially the affected areas, at least twice in a day. Moisturizers help in sealing the moisture and prevent your skin surface from turning dry. It is believed that petroleum jelly works better than your lotions when it comes to treating atopic dermatitis.
  • Stay clear of the allergens
    You must already know that atopic dermatitis is triggered by allergens like dust mites, food allergies and the use of hard water and harsh soaps. So, try identifying what triggers your case. Once you have found out, make sure that you avoid coming in constant touch with the trigger. Make sure that you do not eat food items that cause rashes on your skin and use only chemical free soaps and detergents. Animal dander from pets is another common trigger. If you think that your rash is caused because of animal dander, then make sure that you avoid bringing home a pet.
  • Take a warm shower rather than a hot one
    Yes, you read it right. It is believed that bathing in extremely hot water is not good for your skin. So, the best thing to do is instead take a warm bath. It is also advised that as tempting as it is to take an hour-long shower, make sure that you limit your shower to 10 -15 minutes. Another thing that you should start doing is to use shampoo and soap at the end. In this way, you won’t be sitting in a bathtub full of soapy water for too long.
  • Dry yourself the right way
    Many of us have the habit of wiping our body after a shower with too much force and using a rough towel to do so. You are simply making your skin vulnerable to skin disorders by doing so. Instead, you must use a soft towel and gently pat your skin dry. Also make sure that you apply a generous amount of moisturizer as soon as you dry your skin, while your skin is still slightly damp.
  • Use mild products
    One of the ways of preventing a case of developing any skin disorder is by taking care of your skin. This means that you need to ditch the harsh deodorants and the soaps that you are using currently. Try using products that do not consist of harsh chemicals. You can also consider switching to organic products that are free from harmful ingredients.
  • Consider taking a bleach bath
    It is said that a right amount of diluted bleach bath can prevent you from getting atopic dermatitis and other similar skin conditions. This is because a bleach bath decreases the bacteria on your skin and helps in keeping your skin free from bacterial infections. It is recommended to take a bleach bath twice a week for best results. To prepare a bleach bath, you will need some diluted household bleach and warm water. Soak yourself entirely or simply the affected area for not more than 10 minutes, and you will see results in few weeks.

With a good skin care routine and some lifestyle changes, it is easy to combat this skin condition.