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Dry Eye

Nine Not-So-Common Symptoms Of Dry Eye

The dry eye syndrome occurs not just due to lack of moisture. Instead, dry eye syndrome includes a variety of eye conditions that can be caused due to various factors like allergies, medications, horm...

Know About The Six Common Causes Of Dry Eye

The dry eye syndrome is a common condition that occurs when your tears aren’t able to provide sufficient lubrication for your eyes. Dry eye can make one feel uncomfortable as your eyes may burn or e...

Know About The Five Effective Procedures To Treat Dry Eye

Usually, people who have occasional or mild dry eye symptoms, some regular over-the-counter medicines like artificial tears and similar eye drops are enough to treat it. However, if the symptoms are s...

Eight Home Remedies To Treat The Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is both painful and uncomfortable. There can be various reasons why it is caused, and there can be a combination of various reasons as well. In cases that are not severe, some simple ...

Eight Ways To Prevent Dry Eye

When your eye doesn’t provide enough tears to keep them moist, you may be diagnosed with the dry eye syndrome. It is difficult to carry on with your day to day life while constantly facing irritatio...

Eight Recommended Treatments For Dry Eye

As the dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition, it is important that you consult an eye care specialist. The dry eye syndrome can cause progressive worse symptoms and also it can damage the ocular sur...


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